The BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing app

Joining conference calls is easier than ever with the BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing app

Available as a free download from BlackBerry App World

Use the free BlackBerry® Mobile Conferencing app on your own BlackBerry smartphone or one provided to you by your organization. The app works with calendar invites sent or received using any email service. It includes powerful features that make scheduling conference calls simple and intelligence that can discover conference information and dial you in automatically so you don’t have to.

System requirements

To use the BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing app, you’ll need a BlackBerry smartphone running BlackBerry® Device Software v5.0 or later.

Supported BlackBerry smartphones

The BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing app supports a wide variety of BlackBerry smartphones, including smartphones with BlackBerry® 7 OS.



Key features at a glance

BlackBerry Calendar integration

Schedule and join conference calls quickly and more easily right from the Calendar app on your BlackBerry smartphone. There’s no additional app to launch.

Better conference call recognition

Conference call information found in meeting invites in any calendar on your BlackBerry smartphone is recognized automatically to help you stay organized and on time.

Join Now button

The BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing app adds a button to calendar reminders on your BlackBerry smartphone that can dial you in to a call automatically. If the invite includes multiple dial-in numbers for different locations, the app can choose the most appropriate one for you.1

Conference call ID

Keep track of the conference calls you’ve participated in. When you join a conference call, the meeting subject appears as the caller ID in the phone app. And when the call is over, the meeting subject appears in your call history.


Reconnect with one click if you’re dropped from a conference call.

Conference profiles

Add conference call details to almost any meeting you schedule from your BlackBerry smartphone with a single click using conference call details from up to 10 profiles stored on your smartphone.

Keep moderator codes private

Invites sent using conference profiles stored on your BlackBerry smartphone include only the participant information needed to join the call. If conference information found in a meeting invite is yours, the app can use your stored profiles to dial you in as the moderator. So you can omit your moderator code from invites sent from your desktop for added privacy.

Convert an email to a meeting invite

Schedule a conference call with email participants with just a few clicks. The sender and recipients of the email are included as meeting attendees, the email subject becomes your meeting subject and part of the email message is copied into your invite automatically. Just add your conference call details from a stored profile and click send.

Get help, share and provide feedback

The BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing icon on your home screen takes you to video demos of key features, lets you share the app with friends or colleagues, and allows you to provide feedback about the app.

Download the Mobile Conferencing App