Easy Smiley Pack for BBM

The Easy Smiley Pack for BlackBerry® Messenger provides access to hidden smileys and emoticons right inside your BlackBerry® Messenger. Customize your BlackBerry® Messenger messages now and surprise your buddies!

Also new is the BlackBerry® Messenger status customization, you can now add smileys and flags, and digits to your BBM status and profile name! This is a BBM™

Connected application. Features:

★ 630+ Smileys, flags, and ASCII art images in total now

★ 250+ Smileys

★ 210+ new country flags added

★ 150+ ASCII art images added

★ BlackBerry® Messenger status customization

★ Digit to digit box translation

★ Plugs into BlackBerry® Messenger through BBM™ Connected

★ Complete instructions

★ BlackBerry® Messenger can be launched out of application

★ Easy usage Note: These icons will even show up in your friend’s BlackBerry® Messenger who does not have this app installed. Cool, right? Minimum requirement: BlackBerry® Messenger 6.0.129 or above and OS 6.0 or above.