Blackberry Bold Internet Browser

The BlackBerry® Browser is a full-featured browser that is designed to render and support most existing web content on a mobile device. Since BlackBerry 6, the BlackBerry Browser has been built upon WebKit, an open source browser engine developed by contributors from several different organizations working together to implement key W3C®standards.

On both BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry tablets, the BlackBerry Browser is powered by the full WebKitbrowser engine, rather than a lightweight mobile version of the engine. The full version of WebKit allows theBlackBerry Browser to more closely approximate the desktop browsing experience. With the full version of WebKit, the BlackBerry Browser supports most commonly used web standards as well as many of the “bleeding-edge” features of HTML 5, its related web APIs, and CSS 3.

Because BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry tablets are mobile devices, the BlackBerry Browser is designed to manage the unique constraints of the mobile browsing environment, while striving for desktop-quality rendering and performance. For example, the browser provides a number of usability features designed to improve the browsing experience on small screens, such as tapping or clicking to zoom. In addition, the BlackBerry Browser maintains a constant focus on network efficiency, to both minimize potential costs to the user and the burden on constrained wireless networks.

The browser also offers access to a variety of unique features not available to most desktop browsers, such as unique touch events, and access to mobile-centric features such as the accelerometer and location-based services. The BlackBerry Browser supports several BlackBerry JavaScript® extensions which allow you to provide a more integrated experience from the browser.