BlackBerry Passport

blackberry-passportThe Passport is a device that’s being targeted toward business professionals who want a phone that will help them be more productive. BlackBerry says that the device will offer them the best of both worlds with a physical keyboard and a 4.5-inch square display. The device is expected to release in September.

BlackBerry is once again tweaking its physical keyboard on the Passport. The three rows of letters lack punctuation keys or numbers. These will appear on virtual keys that are on the touchscreen, just above the top row of the physical keyboard. The keys that appear are contextually based. In other words, if you are browsing the internet, the virtual keys will include a colon (:) and  a back slash (/). While sending an email, the virtual keys should include an “at sign” (@). And as we’ve seen on video, the Passport’s keyboard doubles as a trackpad.