New BlackBerry Leap video released



The BlackBerry Leap has been announced, but we have not seen much of it. Now comes a new hands-on video from BlackBerry to walk you through the Leap. The BlackBerry Leap is a touchscreen device with a generous 5 inch display. The build quality looks great, even though the Leap is targeted at an entry level buyer.

With BlackBerry 10.3.1 built-in, you benefit from the focus we have on our ultra-productive customers. The BlackBerry Leap is built to power you through a full day with up to 25 hours of heavy use, and have your finger on the pulse of everything happening around you via the BlackBerry Hub. With all of your messages from your work, personal, and social media worlds in one simple view alongside your phone calls, text messages, BBMs, and calendars – you are in full control (of course you are) at a glance.
Fuente: Blackberryblast