Apple patents face unlock feature for your iPhone



Fingerprint sensors are probably the most ideal way to unlock your phone, but what about facial recognition? The capability has hung around in the Android camp for a while, and is also coming to your nearest Windows 10 device. And according to a new patent awarded to Apple, your next iPhone might also implement a face unlock feature.

It doesn’t appear as though Apple’s solution will differ all that much from technology that’s already on the market. Using an iPhone’s front-facing camera, the software would capture an image of a user’s face, analyze it, and unlock the device if there’s a match. Easy, right? Although face unlocking doesn’t require much effort from the end user, I’d still prefer the security of Touch ID, especially since face unlocking systems can be tricked.

It might be a fun feature to toy around with, especially on older devices that don’t have Touch ID. I’d actually prefer to see this implemented in OS X instead of a phone, but maybe that’s just me.

As always, just because Apple has a patent for something doesn’t mean we’ll see it down the road. Would it even be something you’d use?


By Technobuffalo