Apple iPhone 7 Rumored to have Dual Rear Cameras

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The latest rumor surrounding the Apple iPhone 7 is that the phone will have two rear cameras, similar to what HTC has done in the past with their two phones. In addition to HTC, Amazon has also done a similar thing with their Amazon Fire Phone, although it has four front-facing cameras instead.

The biggest benefit to having two rear facing cameras is that you can take different kinds ofphotos, and it’s easier to take higher qualityphotos as well. The current rumors are saying that the dual camera setup Apple is planning on using will allow customers to take DSLR-like photos with their smartphone. While the picture quality on smartphones has been good enough for the average consumer for more than a few years now, it still pales in comparison to DSLR cameras.

The addition of two cameras would allow Apple to drastically bump up the quality of pictures the Apple iPhone 7. Apple recently bought LinX, which is an Israeli company known for their camera technology. The new array of cameras would allow customers to have a greater range of control over the types of pictures they take, and they would even allow people to change the focal rations from 2.4 to 10.0 on every shot if they choose to do so. Taking 3Dphotos and refocusing photos after they are taken are also possibilities as well.

Most people are hoping that no matter what Apple decides to do with the cameras, they will make the camera sensors less visible than they were with the iPhone 6. Although the iPhone 6 was a well-liked camera, many people didn’t like how the camera protruded from the edge of the smartphone. It was one of the most common complaints with the iPhone 6 camera. For theApple iPhone 7, Apple knows they have to add more features that their competitors won’t have.


The cameras will give them a good advantage, especially heading into the future when VR technology starts to get released. As far as other rumors, they are pretty tame so far. Most people are assuming the specs will be beefed up, and there will be at least 2GB of RAM included in all Apple iPhone 7’s. The screen size issue is still up for debate, as the ideal size for a smartphone seems to be up for debate.


By Airherald.