iPhone 6s to sport 12MP camera, 2GB RAM, rose gold option, KGI says



Apple’s next iPhone may not change much when it comes to physical appearance, but the device could introduce a bunch of new hardware and features. A recent report from KGI Securities claims to reveal a long list of specs for the upcoming iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

The report actually lists 11 new features that KGI expects Apple to introduce in its next iPhones. That includes Force Touch, which appears to be making the jump from the Apple Watch to the iPhone, and a new rose gold color option to match the Edition smartwatch. Cupertino may even upgrade the rear camera to 12-megapixels, boost the RAM to 2GB, add an extra microphone, improve on Touch ID, and introduce something called “gesture control support.”

KGI Securities notes that the new iPhone will come in the same 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models, adding that a 4-inch model likely won’t arrive this year. The larger iPhone 6s Plus could also implement new materials to fix last year’s bending problems, and it may even feature a sapphire display.

Force Touch is possible, as is the sapphire display and rose gold coloring, but keep in mind this is just one prediction. KGI notes that mass production will begin in August, so that’s when we expect the first photos to start surfacing online.

For now, check out some of the latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 concept designs in the gallery below.


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