Instagram’s slick Layout app is now available for Android


Instagram on Tuesday finally released its layout app for Android, bringing app parity to the Google-verse once again. The original standalone layout app was first introduced for iOS back in March, leaving Android users high and dry. But balance has been restored.

Layout is an app that allows you to arrange photos in a variety of different grid options. It’s very simple, and pretty self-explanatory when you pick it up. To use it, just pick out photos in your camera roll (you can pick up to nine), and Layout will suggest the grid that works best for the images you chose. You can choose a different grid if you want, and you can also swap images if you’re not quite getting the right look.

Additionally, the app also allows you to mirror and flip images, opening up the possibility for some truly creative results. Layout is a fun and easy image-centric app, so give it a shot.

By Technobuffalo