Get ready for new Nokia phones in 2016



Nokia, the company that continues to exist after Microsoft acquired the devices and services division, plans to start building smartphones again, according to recent comments made by its CEO.

Nokia originally agreed to stop building phones until 2016, likely in an effort to avoid any consumer confusion between the devices division that it sold to Microsoft and the company that continues to operate, and it appears that it’s going to jump right into the business after that agreement ends.

“We will look for suitable partners,” Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri told Manager Magazin in Germany. “Microsoft makes mobile phones. We would simply design them and then make the brand name available to license.” That means other companies can come in, use the Nokia name and design, and then sell their own devices. As Reuters notes, Foxconn did something similar with the Android-powered Nokia N1 tablet.

So will we see a Nokia phone again? It sure sounds like it, but keep in mind that Microsoft already acquired the division that used to build the rock solid Nokia phones that we all fondly remember.


By Technobuffalo