Accessory listings for the Priv by BlackBerry start appearing



One sign that a device is approaching release, generally speaking, is when accessory listings for said device start appearing across the internet and such is now the case for the Priv by BlackBerry. As spotted in the CrackBerry Forums and on Reddit, a few distributor sites for wholesale deals have now started listing multiple compatible accessories which will eventually be made available for purchase. So which accessories can be expected? Have a look.

ACC-62174-001 BlackBerry Priv Leather Holster

ACC-62172-001 BlackBerry Priv Leather Pocket Black

ACC-62172-002 BlackBerry Priv Leather Pocket Tan

ACC-62170-002 BlackBerry Priv Slide-out Hard Shell Lagoon Blue

ACC-62170-003 BlackBerry Priv Slide-out Hard Shell Military Green

ACC-62170-001 BlackBerry Priv Slide-out Hardshell Black

ACC-62173-002 – Leather Smart Flip Case Tan

ACC-62173-001 – Leather Smart Flip Case Black

ACC-62175-001 – Sync Pod W/1.2m USB Cable

ACC-62178-001 – BlackBerry Priv Sync Pod Nest

For the most part, there are no dates listed alongside the accessories but again, generally speaking, when the listings start appearing we’re usually not far off from an official announcement and release. For the BlackBerry Leap, the accessories started appearing in February and by March, the device was announced and pre-orders began. If Priv follows the same path, we should see it pass through the FCC soon as well, the FCC ID’s are already known, they just need to be made public.