Samsung starts sending out invites for CES 2016


After IFA 2015 that happened in September this year, the next major electronics expo – CES 2016 – will happen in Las Vegas next month. Samsung generally releases a lot of consumer electronic products during these expos, and it will repeat the same feat during CES 2016. The South Korean electronics giant has started sending out invites for the event already.

Samsung will hold a press conference at CES 2016 on January 5, 2016 between 14:00 and 14:45 hours. There is currently no information on what South Korean electronics giant will unveil during its keynote. It was being rumored that Samsung might announce the Galaxy S7 early that its usual period, but that is unlikely to happen.

The company might reveal the Galaxy A9, which is expected to feature the Snapdragon 620 chipset, along with some other audio and video products. You can expect a live coverage of Samsung’s CES 2016 keynote on our website on January 5, 2016 during the mentioned time.