Unofficial Telegram client for the Samsung Z3 makes its way onto the Tizen Store



When compared to Android, iOS and Windows Phone, Tizen is a relatively new operating system that, up until last year, hadn’t made its way into the mass smartphone market. However, Samsung’s release of the Z1 in India on February 6, 2015, changed all that. As expected, there were no complaints about the fluidity of the software, nor its design. The only qualms that came from customers were over the severe lack of applications available for the platform. That didn’t last long, though, and after a couple of months, all the core services that you’d expect to find on a modern-day handset were up for grabs from the Tizen Store, including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Telegram is the latest application to be ported to Tizen’s Store, but there are two main drawbacks. The first is that it’s not an official client. It has been created by an independent developer who has taken the Linux API and adapted it for use on Tizen. The second is that it’s only available for the latest Tizen-powered smartphone, the Samsung Z3, which, at present, has only launched in India, but is anticipated to debut in a handful of European countries later this year.

As you’d imagine, Telegram for Tizen’s design is identical to all of the other messaging service’s applications, which means that if you currently use it on desktop or a different mobile OS, you should feel right at home when installing it on your Z3. Any messages sent are thankfully synchronized across all your devices that have Telegram installed — so you should instantly be able to access your chat history once you’ve signed into your account.

To install the application on your Samsung Z3, navigate to the Tizen Store, search for Telegram, then install the very first application that appears on the list.