Samsung introduces a range of smart trousers


Yes, you read that right, Samsung has introduced a range of smart trousers. The company is calling it the Internet of Trousers Fashion Range, it brings “an exciting collection of pants” with innovative functions. Samsung says these smart wearable devices come in an array of unique and contemporary styles which fit just about any lifestyle.

Samsung’s intelligent trousers combine the latest in high-tech with high fashion. It has embedded ARTIK Smarter Fashion chip modules in the trousers which enable them to communicate with the Smarter Fabric Care app. Salient features of the Internet of Trousers include Wi-Fly, a feature which sends notifications to your smartphone if your fly remains open for more than three minutes. Get Up! alerts use sensors in the trousers to detect prolonged periods of inactivity and send notifications to “get up off of that thing” at least once an hour. Should you require extra motivation after being seated for more than three hours, the back pockets will hit you with mild electrical shocks.

The Samsung Bio-Processor in these trousers keeps an eye on your bio-data include heart rate and perspiration level. When these indicators get too high you’ll get a reminder to keep your cool, Samsung calls it the Keep-Your-Pants-On Mode. The Fridge Lock feature monitors tension around your waist and when it detects that you’re overeating it sends signals to your fridge to lock it automatically after which it can only be unlocked with consent from a designated person like your mother or significant other.

Samsung says that it’s going to open up its Smarter Fashion ecosystem to other companies as well, be it traditional apparel companies or your grandmother knitting your next Christmas sweater, the company’s ARTIK fashion modules will ensure that your clothes are just as technologically advanced as everything else in your life.