Samsung launches live support application for Galaxy devices


Samsung has just launched a brand new customer communication application which gives all Galaxy device owners instant access to support for any issues they may have with their handsets. The app, called Samsung Members, is available to download from the Galaxy Apps store today, and is set to come preloaded on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge in select countries, including China, Spain, Russia Brazil and UAE.

Users will not only have the facility to discuss queries with expert advisors, but will be able to reach out to a community of loyal Galaxy users all around the world, too. There’s also a dedicated diagnostics section, which can be used to run a number of tests on a device to ensure that it’s working correctly.

If the self-diagnostics test finds a critical error, Samsung Members will automatically open a Smart Tutor communication session. This lets users speak to a live customer service agent to gain advice and help in identifying and rectifying technical issues. The expert will even be able to take control of a device remotely to perform necessary fixes.