Samsung has launched a dedicated website for 360-degree and VR videos



Samsung has launched a dedicated website for 360-degree VR videos to compete with YouTube and Facebook. This move comes after the company launched its first consumer-grade 360-degree camera, the Gear 360, in the US. Samsung had announced yesterday that it has renamed Milk VR to Samsung VR.

Samsung VR replaces Milk VR, which was limited to brands and influencers. However, Samsung VR can be used by masses to upload their 360-degree videos and VR video content. Although you can view these videos using the company’s virtual reality headset Gear VR, there’s a dedicated smartphone app (limited to Samsung’s smartphones) that lets users consume 360-degree videos without using the VR headset. The app would be quite useful when consumers are on the go or don’t feel like strapping a VR headset.

The South Korean smartphone giant is claiming that it has now created an “end-to-end solution” for creating and consuming 360-degree and virtual reality content. Samsung has launched a 360-degree camera, a smartphone that supports the content, a virtual-reality headset, and a dedicated website to share such content. We will only get to know if Samsung’s solution is any better than Facebook or YouTube in the coming months.