Internal documents just leaked every big change coming to the iPhone 7



The iPhone 7 is already being mass-produced ahead of its release next month, and a brand new leak offers an inside look into the kind of documentation some of Apple’s suppliers receive. The following images show schematics that seem to confirm nearly everything we know about the upcoming iPhone design and it includes text explaining the changes.

Discovered by NowhereElse, a consistent source of iPhone leaks, the images indicate the iPhone 7 will maintain the same general design of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. However, certain design changes can be easily spotted, including single antenna lines on the back of the phone, a redesigned camera and the absence of the headphone jack, which is replaced by what appears to be a second speaker.

In other words, this seems to be the iPhone 7 you’re expecting, so no surprises here. A recent Bloomberg report rehashed more details about the iPhone 7’s design, and some of its signature features, including a capacitive home button and a brand new camera experience for the iPhone 7 Plus. On that note, the iPhone 7 Plus is not detailed in the following sketches.

Also interesting in one of the following leaked documents is a note that offers precise guidance and instructions regarding the manufacturing process of the iPhone. From the looks of it, someone went through a lot of trouble to sneak these particular papers out of his or her office, although it’s not clear where they came from.

All of the leaked documents can be seen below.