iPhone 7 concept sports Quad HD Retina display, wireless charging

  Leaked pictures suggest this year’s iPhone will look pretty similar—if not identical—to the iPhone 6. That means rounded edges, thin body, with an even stronger aluminum frame. But what about the next iteration of Apple’s handset? Designers Ivo Marić and Tomislav Rastovac dreamed up a new concept that combines all of Apple’s designs into one Franken-iPhone. […]

Crazy iPhone 8 concept has displays on both sides

  Are concept artists jumping the shark a bit? Perhaps. The latest is a concept for the iPhone 8 — by our calculations that’s four generations away from the current iPhone — and it’s pretty darn wacky. The artist, Jermaine Smit, imagines an iPhone with displays on both sides. This isn’t unheard of. The YotaPhone […]

iPhone 7 concept design copies Samsung’s edgiest device

  Samsung gets a lot of flak for copying Apple, but what if it was the other way around? A new concept design for the iPhone 7 takes some clear inspiration from the Galaxy S6 Edge, and the results are pretty awesome. Created by Hasan Kaymak, these renders imagine an iPhone 7 Edge with no side […]

Galaxy Note 5 Edge concept design looks amazing in video teaser

  The Galaxy Note 5 is likely just a few months away, but what about the Galaxy Note 5 Edge? We’re still not sure if Samsung will release a curved-screen version of its flagship phablet this year, but a new concept design commissioned byGdgtCompare has us hoping the company makes good on earlier rumors. The imagined device […]

iPhone 7 concept imagines iPhone with Apple Watch features (+video)

  What if Apple decided to merge some of the features offered in the Apple Watch with a future iPhone? That’s what ConceptsiPhone recently envisioned in a new video, and we have to admit it looks pretty fascinating. The concept looks similar to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, but thinner. It imagines what […]