Samsung confirms its next smartwatch will feature a rotating bezel

  There wasn’t much doubt that Samsung’s upcoming Orbis smartwatch—or Gear A—would feature a unique way to navigate the device, but the company has gone on and confirmed it anyway. At a Tizen developer conference in India, Samsung said once the Gear A launches, it’ll feature a rotating bezel as a means of navigation. Think […]

Instagram adds search feature to the Web

  Instagram is very slowly making its website a place you’d actually want to visit. For a long time, it was just an afterthought, a place Instagram put together because it felt obligated. And you can’t really blame the company; Instagram has always been mobile-focused, designed as a platform to share and communicate. But times […]

LG G5 rumored to feature new eye-scanning technology

  Fingerprint scanning smartphones are become more and more popular, but the dream of an eye scanning handset—that works well—is still on the horizon. A new report from WhoWiredKorea claims that LG’s flagship phone for 2016, presumably called the LG G5, will feature an iris reading sensor. LG may already have the technology it needs thanks […]