Instagram adds search feature to the Web

  Instagram is very slowly making its website a place you’d actually want to visit. For a long time, it was just an afterthought, a place Instagram put together because it felt obligated. And you can’t really blame the company; Instagram has always been mobile-focused, designed as a platform to share and communicate. But times […]

Instagram begins sending ‘Highlights’ emails with photos you may have missed

  Instagram has begun sending out “Highlights” emails that contain a selection of the best photos users may have missed from the people they are following. The emails hope to promote the photo sharing service and encourage users to continue opening the Instagram app. No one really likes their inbox to be filled with promotional emails and spam, […]

Instagram gains powerful editing features in new update

  Not only has it become increasingly easy to take pictures with a mobile device, but there are also a lot of terrific apps for editing said photos. VSCO Cam is a personal favorite of mine, and there are many others out there depending on what you like. Instagram has never been among the best […]

Major update to Inst10 for Instagram now available in BlackBerry World

After a small version bump earlier this week, Nemory Studios have pushed out a larger update to the native BlackBerry 10 Instagram app Inst10that brings along with it some significant additions. Going from version 1.0.300.1 to 1.0.400.1, this release sees the addition of multiple account support, the ability to change themes without restart, multiple BlackBerry […]