iPhone 6c: Rumors of a 2015 launch shot down again

  The iPhone 6c may just be the biggest mobile mystery of 2015. On Tuesday a report suggested that the device would in fact launch this year. Now a new report argues that’s not the case, and offers some solid evidence to back up its claim. Talk about flip-flopping. Mobile marketing firm Fiksu recently revealed that it’s been […]

Fresh iPad Pro details spilled ahead of the monster tablet’s launch

  While Apple is still selling millions of iPads per quarter — nothing to be ashamed about — the firm has noticed a sharp decline in iPad sales as folks find fewer reasons to upgrade to new models each year. That’s why pundits believe rumors of an alleged iPad Pro are indeed true: a larger […]

Samsung to launch Gold Edition Z1 after selling 1 million units

Samsung’s first Tizen-powered smartphone appears to have already surpassed expectations after selling 1 million units in less than six months. To celebrate the milestone, Samsung will launch a Gold Edition Z1 in the coming months. As BlackBerry and others have learned, launching a new platform to compete with Android and iOS is a near-impossible task. […]

Galaxy S7 said to launch early to battle iPhone 6s

  Your shiny new Galaxy S6 may be outdated before the year is up. The Galaxy S7 won’t launch until early next year, at least that’s what we all assumed based on Samsung’s recent history. However, it turns out the company may have plans to release the new phone even sooner, according to a new rumor […]

BlackBerry “Prague” may run Android, said to launch in Aug.

  Earlier this week news surfaced suggesting that BlackBerry is working to build its very first Android smartphone. It seemed, at the time, that the new BlackBerry “Venice,” a slider that the company has already teased, was going to usher in the company’s Android era. It turns out the situation is a bit more complicated. […]

BlackBerry “Venice” said to launch in Nov. with monster specs

  Despite making a brief appearance onstage earlier this year, BlackBerry’s new slider phone is still a big mystery. The device’s specs, price and even its operating system are still up for debate, but a new report may clear at least some of that up. N4BB claims to have the scoop on BlackBerry’s new phone, […]

Apple Watch 2 said to launch in 2016 with LG as sole display provider

LG Display currently provides the displays for the Apple Watch and a new report suggests that it will remain the sole provider of the component for the Apple Watch 2. Korean news outlet MK News said this week that it has learned LG will provide a similar P-OLED screen for the Apple Watch 2, which will […]

Galaxy S6 Plus rumored to launch this month with upgraded specs

  The Galaxy S6 Plus could arrive way sooner than expected according to one new report. Italian site HDBlog claims Samsung could unveil the super-sized flagship phone within the next few weeks, citing several “reliable” anonymous sources. The device will allegedly be a bigger version of the Galaxy S6 Edge. SamMobile adds that it may come equipped with a 5.4 or […]

Sony will launch the Xperia Z4 as the Xperia Z3+ globally next month

  Sony on Monday announced that its new Xperia Z4 is going on sale outside of Japan for the first time next month, only it won’t be known as the Xperia Z4. Instead, it will be named the Xperia Z3+, but its physical design and specifications remain unchanged. The Xperia Z3+ is essentially a slightly improved […]

Galaxy Note 5 may launch way sooner than expected

  Samsung typically waits until September to announce the latest phablet addition to its Galaxy Note lineup. However, a new report out of Korea claims the company could be racing to release the Galaxy Note 5 as soon as late July. According to WhoWiredKorea, Samsung may already be showing the finalized device to its carrier partners around the […]