Galaxy A8, Samsung’s super-thin phone, looks awesome in leaked picture

  Samsung’s Galaxy A series is all about pushing the company’s smartphone design to new heights. So it’s no surprise that the Galaxy A8 is a real looker. Still, we didn’t expect it to be quite this sleek. A leaked render of the new phone from tech tipster Steve Hemmerstoffer shows the Galaxy A8 in all its […]

Xperia Z5 looks like a real beast in first big leak

  Sony’s smartphone lineup is a bit messy right now. In the past few months we’ve seen it unveil the Xperia Z4, then the Xperia Z3+ and finally the Xperia Z4v. Thankfully it looks like the company may have a fix on the way in the form of the Xperia Z5, its next superphone. A new report from TechnoDify claims the […]

This BlackBerry Passport looks like it’s running Android

  Rumor has it BlackBerry is working on building an Android smartphone with a slide-out keyboard. A separate report suggested that Samsung may be a partner on the device, at least in some respects, though it’s unclear what role Samsung will play. Now an image published recently appears to show Android already running on a BlackBerry. […]

Galaxy S6 looks like a win for Samsung

  When Samsung introduced the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge during Mobile World Congress earlier this year, the company admitted that it made some missteps in the past, and that it hadn’t always listened to what customers want. Those missteps had led to a decline in sales, and forced Samsung to rethink the 2015 flagship. […]

Galaxy Note 5 Edge concept design looks amazing in video teaser

  The Galaxy Note 5 is likely just a few months away, but what about the Galaxy Note 5 Edge? We’re still not sure if Samsung will release a curved-screen version of its flagship phablet this year, but a new concept design commissioned byGdgtCompare has us hoping the company makes good on earlier rumors. The imagined device […]