Kickstart this beautiful MacBook USB-C adapter (+photos)

  If the only issue holding you back from picking up the new MacBook is that single USB-C port than your worries are over. A new Kickstarter project promises to solve the problem with a USB hub that’s as well designed as it is handy. Oh, and it’s also cheaper thanApple’s own solution. This is Branch:   […]

New MacBook now available, but the gold model is in short supply

Today’s not just about the Apple Watch. The new MacBook is also hitting stores, and you won’t have to wait until April 24 to get your hands on the redesigned laptop. Most models ship in 1-3 business days, though several variants will mean waiting for an extra three or four weeks. Specifically, the gold MacBook comes […]

Apple’s new MacBook packs the same power as a 2011 MacBook Air

  Apple’s new MacBook is one of the most beautiful notebooks the Cupertino company has ever produced, but that ultra-slim form factor comes at a cost. According to early benchmarks, the device is only about as powerful as a 4-year-old MacBook Air. Although the new MacBook doesn’t go on sale until later this month, it […]