BlackBerry ‘Venice’ slider captured on camera once again

Last weekend, we got a look at some renders of the BlackBerry ‘Venice’ slider along with a blurry cam photo and this weekend, things are rolling again. Another new image of the device has been posted up in the CrackBerry Forums, offering a small glimpse into what BlackBerry is working on. Keeping up with the […]

Report: Apple and Samsung in talks to adopt e-SIM technology

    The Financial Times reports that Samsung and Apple are both in talks with the GSMA, the mobile telecom telecom industry association, to begin employing electronic SIM cards in their mobile devices. Electronic SIMs (or e-SIMs) differ from their physical predecessors in that they don’t lock users into a specific carrier network and would […]

LG G5 rumored to feature new eye-scanning technology

  Fingerprint scanning smartphones are become more and more popular, but the dream of an eye scanning handset—that works well—is still on the horizon. A new report from WhoWiredKorea claims that LG’s flagship phone for 2016, presumably called the LG G5, will feature an iris reading sensor. LG may already have the technology it needs thanks […]

Disney’s MyMagic+: The future of wearable technology is here (+photos)

    My wife and I recently took a trip to Walt Disney World, partly for some much needed R & R. The thing about Walt Disney World is that it is a massive property filled with lots of great things to do. The whole experience can become overwhelming to a novice. The operation of […]